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Minggu, 05 April 2009

For Kyu Hyun

i really like kyu hyun super junior.I like his cute face,his hair,his voice, his body,his dance and anything.He really did good in singing.I wish to sing with him.But you were really awesome.Consider me as one of you fans now kyu.

Well actually i started to like u, when i watched Ur picz in internet.wooooaa you are so cute, handsome, ah i really love you kyu.when you visit me in my country?How i wish i could have a day with you.Looking forward though impossible.

You're really a good looking guy.I will never stop supporting you.I'll try 2 save money now, and if i have lot of money, I'll going to Korea just to see you.

Kyu Hyun makes every girls heart melts.i Love Ur killer smile.It just kill me whenever i see Ur pic.

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